The following is a statement about the cultural heritage significance  from the Queensland Heritage Register site ID 30934 Mossman Exchange Hotel.
It mentions that tourism increased with the opening of the Captain Cook Highway in 1933 and the town of Daintree being promoted to visitors to far north Queensland.

"The Exchange Hotel, is the second timber hotel to stand on the prominent site at the corner of Front and Mill streets in Mossman, a sugar town located about 75 km north of Cairns. Built in 1934-35 to replace the first Exchange Hotel (c1896), which was badly damaged in a March 1934 cyclone, the second Exchange Hotel was designed to appeal to a tourist clientele. Tourism to the district increased after the opening of the Captain Cook Highway in 1933, with road trips to Mossman and the town of Daintree among the local attractions promoted to visitors to far north Queensland."
(Extract from Queensland Heritage website:
Queensland Heritage Register.
A place may be entered in the Queensland Heritage Register as a state heritage place if it satisfies certain criteria. See criteria list below.
The Exchange Hotel Mossman fulfills 4 of the criteria and has three of it listed here. The fourth is to do with (h) where a Sydney businessman purchased the hotel in 2013 to restore the hotel which re-opened in 2014.

Criterion A (cultural heritage)
The Exchange Hotel, built in 1934-35 after a cyclone damaged its predecessor, capitalised on the 1933 completion of the Cook Highway. It is important in illustrating the growth and prosperity of the north Queensland tourism and sugar industries during the 1920s and 1930s and the associated development of Mossman as the administrative heart of the Douglas Shire.
The Daintree Exchange Hotel also demonstrates a wider pattern of hotel building, rebuilding and modification in Queensland during the 1930s, undertaken with the support of the Queensland Government to encourage tourism.